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Surrey, BC, January 19th 2019:  The Flamingo Hotel in Whalley is closing forever. 

Reviving the Flamingo property and reopening the venues on site was an opportunity given to us by Charan Sethi of Tien Sher Group of Companies. When we started this project in January of 2018, we were granted full access to revitalize the Flamingo as we saw fit. We were able to operate rent free, as long as we paid a portion of the property taxes. We had a great 2018. 

As we celebrated our first anniversary, we were informed that the City of Surrey has rezoned the Flamingo property. The resulting increased property taxes, utility rate hikes and insurance premiums have made it impossible for not only our business, but for any business to operate on the Flamingo site. 

Everyone in the live music business has heard of these stories happening in Vancouver. We thought we were safe. We were wrong, and as a result another live music venue bites the dust. 

The dust won’t settle until after our last event on February 23rd. There will be more details for those that wish to participate and play in that show. In the interim, if you would like to have a show before February 23rd , contact us. We are operational until that time. 

We want to thank all of the promoters we have worked with and individual artists that had shows at the Flamingo. 

Some of the key players in this project and people who we would like to thank are: 

Charan Sethi 
Shara Pritchard Nixon 
Long & McQuade (Surrey) 
Randeep S. Sarai 
Live Acts Canada 
Cecil English and Donna Mabbett 
Creative BC 
City of Surrey 

The Flamingo has had a colourful, storied past since 1953. We are really happy that we got to be a part of this, even for one year. 

Thanks for supporting live music!

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