Penmar Community Arts Society is a national arts charity in Canada. Penmar develops tools and programs that fosters the development of live music and the arts in areas outside of major metropolitan areas. Penmar firmly believes that making live music and other cultural events accessible to diverse audiences is critical to the development and revitalization of underserved communities. 

In 2017, Penmar partnered with Tien Sher Development Group and created a plan to revitalize one of the hardest hit neighbourhoods of Surrey - Whalley, by building an arts and entertainment hub at the once iconic Flamingo Motor Hotel. The Flamingo site is home to three separate stand alone event venues and a liquor store, and is located in the heart of Whalley. What was once a beer parlour, a notorious strip bar and a nightclub with very questionable goings on, are now 3 venues that are bookable for live music performances and private events. 

For decades, Whalley has been known for its poverty and crime, but now with the help of the Penmar Community Arts Society and Tien Sher Development Group we are witnessing a re-emergence of community. One that is vibrant and diverse and is creating opportunity for its members while attracting visitors from across the region.


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Our Current Programs

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The Flamingo

The site of three arts and entertainment private bookable venues and a liquor store in Surrey, BC.  Located on the corner of 108th and King George Blvd, these venues are easily accessible via Skytrain and highway and are available for booking bands, fundraisers and private events.


Liquor Order and Delivery Program

Located in Surrey, BC.  This store is re-opening in December 2017 as a social enterprise liquor store helping raise funds for arts and entertainment programs.

Scheduled liquor delivery available throughout Surrey contact 604-817-1526 or dionecostanzo@gmail.com.

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