DLopez & J.Marsh (Live)

Redbird Room, 10768 King George Blvd., Surrey

J.Marsh has done countless shows across the country and is home to the west coast Vancouver area, after coming off tour with Evil Ebenezer this year he dropped his first full length album The Road. He’s an amazing talent destroys every time he hits the stage.

DLopez is the name. A gritty, realness, with a shot of tequila and a sense of life's struggles, is the stories that he paints. He writes with a certain urgency and a sense of pain, while overcoming demons that he faces with each track, telling you a bit more about himself. New to the game, however since his debut album dropped in April, called Niño de la Calle, which translates to 'The street kid' He's already toured western Canada opening up for BlazeOn3 and Muggshot from Stompdown Killaz. Since tour he’s been booking shows around Canada and will be performing a double header with J.Marsh. At The Flamingo event centre, Redbird Room in Surrey, BC


Teo Laza Michael Marchand & Other Special Guests

Doors open at 8PM